Our Vision

is to empower the creative sector of Africa by enabling & facilitating them to resonate at a global level

Our Mission

Our mission is to structure, facilitate and enable entities in the creative sector to access capital, resources and international marketing avenues with profitability & integrity.

Our Objective

To identify top talent in African creative and innovative industries and improve the success rates of the entrepreneurs.
To provide extra support for women entrepreneurs.
To directly contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals
To create high-quality jobs for Africa’s youth by supporting businesses in the creative ecosystem.
To improve global positioning and integration of African creative industries through participation in major global events
To highlight and export Africa’s rich and diverse culture and artistry which continues to be underrepresented on the world markets.
To provide investors with risk-adjusted commercial returns

Meet Our Team

Discover the Faces of IFFAC

Our team brings together diverse expertise and passion for empowering African creatives, ensuring impactful investments and sustainable growth across the continent.

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Derrick de Necker

Strategy & Corp. Finance & Big Wave surfer

Derrick has served as CEO of various companies and brings with him, over 25 years’ worth of valuable expertise in global investments, structuring, strategy, and commercialization. He was the Joint-Managing Partner at NinetyEast Capital Partners, a Mauritius-based Private Equity & Corporate Finance group and the Joint-Managing Partner at one of the largest listed Private Equity Investment Vehicles on the Mauritius Stock Exchange.He also served as the COO of Fleming Financial Trust Ltd and on the board and Investment Vehicles of the Fleming Group which was also listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Jesse Rannells

Partner at IFFAC

Jesse Rannells is a distinguished professional with a profound impact on the dynamic realms of technology, entrepreneurship, and the creative sectors. Her career trajectory reflects a fervent commitment to nurturing innovation, empowering startups, and championing the creative economy. With a remarkable portfolio that includes initiatives such as the UNICEF Startup Lab, the Pan-African Fintech Accelerator, Tech by Her, and the Smart Cities Innovation Programme, Jesse has consistently been fostered innovation and supporting early-stage startups. However, her most recent role as Partner at IFFAC or Head of IFFAC Ventures marks a strategic shift towards the creative spaces, where she focuses on fund management and business support programming.

Mayowa Ayodele

VC guru & Industry maven

Mayowa Ayodele is a finance and investment expert with significant experience, having specific focus on financial advisory, private equity and venture capital. His experience covers various sectors including manufacturing, retail, logistics, fintech and agribusiness.He has worked with other leading institutions like the International Finance Corporation and Deloitte, and was a Director at Standard Chartered Private Equity Africa (now Affirma Capital) with responsibility for a $200M portfolio.He is on the board of an Agritech company; an Advisory and structured finance business in Nigeria and is co-founder of Arkana Partners. He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and alumni of the IESE Global Executive MBA.


Nana Ama Aidoo

Head of Marketing an Community

Nana Ama Aidoo is a dynamic force in African marketing, currently leading as Head of Marketing and Community at the IMPACT FUND FOR AFRICAN CREATIVES since February 2024. With a background spanning digital marketing roles at Niyilor Ltd and Ogilvy, as well as experience in office management and social media strategy, Nana Ama brings a wealth of expertise to her current position. Her academic journey includes a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Ghana, grounding her strategic approach with critical thinking and societal insights. Nana Ama’s skills encompass digital and email marketing, brand management, and marketing strategy, all honed through her diverse professional experiences. Based in Accra, Ghana, Nana Ama is deeply committed to community engagement and fostering opportunities for African creatives. Her journey is a testament to the power of purpose-driven leadership and the transformative potential of creativity in shaping a brighter future for Africa's creative landscape.

Mildred Ayishetu Nelson

Marketing and Community Associate

Mildred is a bilingual professional with over three years of experience in the client-facing division, known for her sharp acumen in customer relations and fluency in both English and French. At the Impact Fund for African Creatives, she excels as a Community Associate, where she plays a pivotal role in supporting key stakeholder communications and fostering impactful conversations that drive our mission forward.She is instrumental in executing a variety of networking, public relations, and community engagement initiatives, ensuring our organization maintains a vibrant and connected community.
Mildred holds an honors degree in Communications Studies, underscoring her strong foundation in effective communication and media strategies. Outside the office, she is a culinary enthusiast who loves experimenting with new recipes and unwinding by binge-watching the latest Netflix dramas. Her passion for both her professional and personal interests makes her a well-rounded and engaging individual.

Steve Aidoo

Head of Finance

With a passion for continuous learning and a collaborative spirit, Steve is a seasoned professional in finance and administration. His journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, followed by a Master's degree specializing in Accounting and Finance, providing him with a solid academic foundation.With professional experience encompassing a diverse range of responsibilities, from setting up internal control systems to establishing entire finance departments from the ground up,   he has leveraged his technical prowess to design and implement interdepartmental structures for comprehensive financial reporting, fostering success in the complex landscape of finance and financial management.

Elisabeth Morzadec

Head of Programs

As the Head of Programs at IFFAC, Elisabeth manages a variety of initiatives, including the African Fashion Futures Incubator program and IFFAC’s ecosystem-enabling events, all aimed at supporting African talent. Elisabeth holds a Master's degree in African Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. Of French and Ghanaian descent, she has extensive experience in West Africa's cultural and creative industries. Her passion for advancing the continent through culture infuses our programs with a unique and valuable perspective.

Impact Stories

We've got the answers for your questions

Who can benefit from IFFAC's initiatives?

IFFAC's initiatives are designed to benefit a wide range of stakeholders, including creative entrepreneurs, artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, and cultural industry professionals across Africa

How does IFFAC support creatives

IFFAC supports creatives through various means, including providing access to funding, mentorship programs, business acceleration initiatives, and networking opportunities to help them turn their innovative ideas into sustainable enterprises

What types of projects does IFFAC fund

IFFAC funds projects across diverse creative industries such as fashion, film, music, visual arts, design, crafts, and culinary arts. We prioritize projects with the potential for significant social impact and economic growth.

How can investors get involved with IFFAC

Investors can get involved with IFFAC by exploring our investment opportunities, participating in our funds, or collaborating with us on specific projects. We offer attractive investment options that generate both financial returns and social impact