A cornerstone of IFFAC’s proposition is centered on nurturing and development of businesses in the creative industry into sustainable creative enterprises.

Path to expansion in Africa.

Our Partners

Innocent Advisory
Financial Services

Innovest Advisory is an impact investment advisory firm helping our clients to become more intentional about impact and embed impact into their processes. We help our clients to achieve targeted social and environmental outcomes, bringing extensive experience from the development, climate change and broader environmental sectors together with capital markets into the evolving impact investment field. We work with fund managers, asset owners, companies, international organisations and non-profits across a broad range of sectors including but not limited to infrastructure, financial inclusion, renewable energy, agribusiness, climate change, job creation and women’s economic empowerment.

Financial Consultancy Services

We work closely with  Annan  Capital  Partners, a reputable corporate finance firm, to provide financial expertise and advisory services to creative enterprises. This strategic partnership ensures that African creative businesses have access to vital financial resources and insights.

Financial Services

Leveraging our collaboration with Agoo Africa, a digital platform dedicated to the  African creative sector,  we are committed to fostering financial innovation and inclusion within the industry. This platform provides valuable tools and resources to creative businesses.

Orange Clover
Legal Services

We are sophisticated Dutch law experts focussing on national and international high-profile transactions and advisory work. We help you navigate through the Dutch legal landscape taking into account your commercial needs. We share best practices. We effectively coordinate and are efficient communicators. We speak your language. We help you take strategic and managerial decisions. We assist you locally allowing you to take advantage of global opportunities.

Accounting Services

We do tax, and only tax. No audit or attest issues. That’s why we can focus entirely on advising and supporting you to adopt best practices, become more cost-efficient and reduce the burden that tax issues bring. We are the worlds largest independent tax organisation with more than 550 tax partners and over 2,500 tax advisors in 50 countries.

Financial Services

We help global investors focus on investing and preserving capital in a sustainable and compliant manner. We are a trusted partner providing high quality personalised investor services. We help our clients and the sector to stay compliant. We act as a guardian and facilitate our client’s investments. Our people invest the time to get to know our clients, so that we know how to best service them.

Investment Management

We are a company of change makers across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Central-Eastern Europe, and Asia who are passionate about making a difference in emerging and frontier markets through entrepreneurship and technology. As an international investment and education company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, our work spans 90+ countries with 15 offices around the globe. We support the world’s most ambitious and dedicated entrepreneurs in growing and scaling their companies to create meaningful and lasting change.

Our Roadmap from 2011

November 2021

Initial $10,000,000 anchor investment commitment secured

October 2021

Impact Fund For African Creatives ("IFFAC" InvestmenHoldings) formal launch in Paris at the closing of Paris FashionWeek

September 2021

Presentation of Kenneth Ize at the Paris Fashion Week

January to August 2021

IFFAC's identification of introductory equity portfolio, with an investment commitment of $2,600,000 and drawdown of$900,000


$280,000 grant awarded to five brands to support at fashion and film screening events


IFFAC structuring & pipeline development. Initial research, due diligence and exploration of brands for potential investment.


Soft launch of Impact Fund For African Creatives("IFFAC" Investment Holdings) concept at the Paris Peace Forum.


Active participation for sponsored brands at Paris Fashion Week through Frallain accelerator, financed with $150,000 from AFF


Committed $75,000 towards Celebration of African Culture and Art2016
through multiple institutional partnership


Awarded a $150,000 support for designer presentation at fashion week in Paris and Macy's Incubator Program in Washington DC,respectively


Initial support to Kenneth Ize with $50,000 to get technical experience through internship at Edun/LVMH in New York


Invested $70,000 in showroom sponsorship (New York/Italy) forNigerian Designers


Partnered with Fashion For Development to sponsor designer for up to $50,000 to attend a jewelry school in Korea


Roberta Annan launches African Fashion Foundation as an incubation platform to support promising African designers

Industries we are involved in

The African Cultural ad Creative Industry

- It makes up 1.1% of GDP in Africa which could grow by a factor of 3-9 over the
  next 5 years. (collective GDP in Africa as of 2020 $2.6 trillion) – Mo Ibrahim
  2019 forum report
- 2 million jobs are currently provided in Africa by CCIs, with the potential to grow
   to 6-18 million
- Youth employer. CCIs create the highest number of formal, well-paid jobs for
   people aged 15-29 with a fair gender balance
- Home of Women Entrepreneurs. This sector has the highest rate of women
- 128 million: Number of households in Africa with discretionary income (as of
  2020) – McKinsey
- $1.4 trillion: Consumer spending in Africa (as of 2020)
- An increase in discretionary income has led to an increase in consumerism.
- The emergence of the growing middle class – The gig economy

The Global Cultural and Creative industry

- 3% of GDP: the sector represents a significant part of the world’s GDP
- 30 million jobs: it is a great source of formal employment worldwide (UNDP)
- 10% of GDP: forecasts estimate that this sector will triple in the next five years
- Highly resilient to crises: The 2008 crisis caused a contraction of 12% in
  international trade, but world exports of creative goods/services grew at an   
  average rate of 14% over 6 consecutive years.

Geographical Focus

As a strategic initiative, IFFAC has identified a select group of African countries for targeted investment and support, recognizing their pivotal roles in shaping the continent's creative landscape. Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and the Democratic Republic of Congo stand out as vibrant hubs of creativity, boasting rich cultural heritage and diverse artistic expressions. These nations serve as epicenters for innovation, entrepreneurship, and talent, making them ideal focal points for IFFAC's initiatives. By channeling resources into these dynamic ecosystems, IFFAC aims to amplify the impact of its interventions, driving sustainable growth and transformation within the African creative industry.Expanding IFFAC's reach to include Ivory Coast, Senegal, Uganda, Egypt, and Morocco represents a strategic imperative rooted in the recognition of untapped potential and burgeoning creative scenes.

We've got the answers for your questions

Who can benefit from IFFAC's initiatives?

IFFAC's initiatives are designed to benefit a wide range of stakeholders, including creative entrepreneurs, artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, and cultural industry professionals across Africa

How does IFFAC support creatives

IFFAC supports creatives through various means, including providing access to funding, mentorship programs, business acceleration initiatives, and networking opportunities to help them turn their innovative ideas into sustainable enterprises

What types of projects does IFFAC fund

IFFAC funds projects across diverse creative industries such as fashion, film, music, visual arts, design, crafts, and culinary arts. We prioritize projects with the potential for significant social impact and economic growth.

How can investors get involved with IFFAC

Investors can get involved with IFFAC by exploring our investment opportunities, participating in our funds, or collaborating with us on specific projects. We offer attractive investment options that generate both financial returns and social impact