Fueling Creative Futures

The Impact Fund for African Creatives is charting a new course in the African creative landscape with a total target raise of $150M. We are driving innovation and transformation with a focus on four distinct pillars.

Impact Fund for African Creatives

The Impact Fund for African Creatives is charting a new course in the African creative landscape with a total target raise of $150M.

Driving innovation and transformation with a focus on four distinct pillars. Through strategic funding and partnerships, we are igniting growth in the fashion and film sectors. Our collaboration with Annan Capital Partners and the Agoo Africa digital platform ensures that financial expertise is readily available to creative enterprises.

Internally, we are fostering sustainability and innovation in textile and manufacturing centers. Additionally, our business accelerator grants enable creative businesses to scale and attract investment.

Join us on a journey to empower and enable Africa's creative visionaries.
Fueling Creative Futures: Our Bold Restructuring Journey to Empower African Visionaries

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Insights into our Funding Pillars

Black Heritage Textiles Group
Circularity and Value Chain Enablement: Our internal fund plans to raise $100M to focus on promoting circularity and value chain enablement within the creative
sector, with a particular emphasis on textile and manufacturing centers. This strategic investment aims to enhance sustainability, innovation, and economic development in these critical areas of the creative industry.

Funds & Accelerators

Fashion Sub-Fund:
We are launching a $1M fund in early 2024 within the fashion sector, designed to support debt and equity funding for aspiring African fashion entrepreneurs. This initiative is managed in collaboration with the African Fashion Foundation, a leading advocate for fashion innovation on the continent.

Film Sub-Fund:
We are making a strategic $1M investment in 2024 into the $2M film fund being raised by TalentX, which is slated for rollout in early 2024. This investment
aims to bolster the African film industry and foster the growth of talented filmmakers

Grants for Upskilling and Knowledge Sharing:
with a technical assistance target amount of $22M, We provide grant funding to support programs that enhance the skills and knowledge of creative professionals. These accelerator programs are designed to help
creative businesses scale their operations, seize new opportunities, and attract investment.

The African Fashion Futures Incubator:
We open an incubator program each year topromising African designers who need support in developing their businesses. The aim of thisprogram is to foster innovation, sustainability, and economic growth, empowering the nextgeneration of African fashion creatives. The Scale-Stage AFFI program is working to drivepositive change and innovation within the African fashion landscape

Incubation and Grant Funding
Accelerator & Early Stage Venture Capital Fund
Growth Development & Infrastructure Fund
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We've got the answers for your questions

Who can benefit from IFFAC's initiatives?

IFFAC's initiatives are designed to benefit a wide range of stakeholders, including creative entrepreneurs, artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, and cultural industry professionals across Africa

How does IFFAC support creatives

IFFAC supports creatives through various means, including providing access to funding, mentorship programs, business acceleration initiatives, and networking opportunities to help them turn their innovative ideas into sustainable enterprises

What types of projects does IFFAC fund

IFFAC funds projects across diverse creative industries such as fashion, film, music, visual arts, design, crafts, and culinary arts. We prioritize projects with the potential for significant social impact and economic growth.

How can investors get involved with IFFAC

Investors can get involved with IFFAC by exploring our investment opportunities, participating in our funds, or collaborating with us on specific projects. We offer attractive investment options that generate both financial returns and social impact